martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Spontaneous Intimacy

They looked at each others naked bodies, smiled and said, Hi.
Fixed bodies. Fate, they call it. Melting into each others sweat, becoming one.
Fused flesh, they were as if they both were just one being,
each piece fell on its place, a solved puzzle, that's what it meant ♥
He pierced through, her trembling body. weaknesses, humanity.
She screamed, he stoped, but then she plead for him to go on.
His love burned inside her, she twirled of joy, 
the way he looked, the way he touched
why would she want something else from this world?
His muscles tired, her lips were dry, 
his tongue was anxious, hurrying to get some more.
Stoping wasn't an option, pleasure what they found, 

but above all was loving, the goal.