domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Detachment.Vs.Togetherness Part I

Esta, es la primera parte ^_^ de un poema que escribi hoy mismo, bueno digamos xD par de lineas porque no es tanto asi un poema ya que nu tengo experiencia hope you like it! x]

And here i am, lying in this bed,
that used to be ours, with this heart
that shall not beat again,
without your presence,

Here i am, at the place, we used to visit
together, when we were one
When the time was meaningless
and you were me while i was you.

Can't believe, how fast time passes

i wish i knew when it happened,
i guess i was unaware of the space that grew between us,
i didnt see how far you were until,
in some failed attempt of grabbing you,
i realized that my hand couldnt reach you,
couldnt feel your beating heart, couldnt feel the warmth of your chest,
then...,and believe me, i tried to stop you, you left

despair, loneliness, sadness, the thought of you leaving
had now appeared, taking me by surprise, throwing me into thick water,
drowning, thats what i felt

here i am, watching this night as it gets taken away
by the sun, who claims that another night is over,
here, in this place, where so many memories lingers,
however there's an empty space, that didn't use to be there,
now, is as real, as the fact that i still love you,
and ill always will, i dont know if it bothers you,
but forgetting you isnt an option, theres no way ill want to fall
in the anguish of leaving behind what used to be my true self,
my life, you.

once and for all, here i am, trying to focus on tomorrow,
trying to imagine whatever future might be left for me,
something to hold on to, until someone else find me,
and help me get through this,
then again, you'll always be here, inside my thoughts,